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This lightweight throw made of boucle yarn has a soft, curly surface. The colors match our other products in Coffee.

89% Alpaca, 11% Acrylic.

SKU: 07240607

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    This exclusive product is made of high quality alpaca. Alpacas live in the Andes in South America up to an altitude of over 4000 m. As a result of their harsh living conditions, alpacas have developed into hardy animals with thick fleece made up of unique hollow core fiber, that is light weight and warming. Alpaca is soft like cashmere and stronger than wool. The softness and the fact that alpaca contains no lanolin makes it non-itching and hypoallergenic. You can find 22 different natural colors in alpaca fiber. This Beach House Alpaca Line product gives you warmth, softness and luxury – all packed in one.


  • Alpaca Line Throw Curly ‘Like Coffee’, 130×170 cm, Art Nr 07240607

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