• Bellshaped nightgown made of the same fabric as our famous jersey bedding. 100% combed cotton thread that is finely knitted; so-called single jersey – the same fabric T-shirts are made of.
    Slightly longer at the back and can also be worn as a tunic or beachwear. Looks good on all bodytypes.

    Oeko-tex certified
    All Beach House nightwear have the highest rating of Oeko-tex certification – Class 1 (covers the safety of baby wear).
    This means the production process involves no hazardous chemicals.

    Single jersey fabric breathes better than closely woven fabrics, it is more supple, and few materials can compare to its soft surface.

    Beach House nightwear is tested for strength, wringing, durability and colorfastness.

  • Nightgown Bell Heaven Small, Art Nr 09092414
    Nightgown Bell Heaven Medium, Art Nr 09092415
    Nightgown Bell Heaven Large, Art Nr 09092416

  • Washing instructions



    Non shrinking
    Beach House Nightwear are anti-shrinkage treated.

    Wrinkle free
    It looks equally smooth after tumble drying as it does having hung out to dry.

    Non pilling
    The fabric is treated with special enzymes to prevent pilling. This procedure makes the nightwear give off some cotton lint in connection with the first few washes, especially when using a tumble dryer.

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